Youth Alive Statement of Belief

We believe that young people and the entire communities have the inherent capacity to
change attitudes and behavior. The power to fulfill this capacity is often denied or is not
This power must now be recognized, called forth and supported from within and without.
This will enable young people to initiate change and sustain behavior that promotes a
healthy state of mind, body, spirit and environment. A critical component in this process
is a supportive response to the most vulnerable young people.
We recognize that change of attitudes, perceptions and beliefs at individual and
community level in the present health, social and economic environment is a complex
and ongoing process. It is inextricably linked to such basic human values such as care,
love faith, family and friendship, respect for people and cultures, solidarity and support.
The present social, economic, political and health environment affects all young people.
Our experience working with and through young people proves that behavior change is
possible. We believe that behavior change is the most essential strategy in overcoming
the current youth quandary.

Download or Read Full Report: YAU ANNUAL REPORT -2020