Youth Alive

Youth Alive Uganda is committed to journeying with children to adulthood ensuring that they
live to realise their dreams and ambitions. Our work with children include skills development,
health, economic strengthening, and Human rights. Since our work involve regular contact with
children in organisation and communities, protecting them from presupposes from any kind of
harm, real or potential, is an integral part of ensuring that Children live their lives to the full. It
is with this in mind that this Child Safeguarding Policy has been written.
Youth Alive Uganda recognises the importance of safeguarding and is committed to ensuring
it manages a wide range of risks such that children and adults at risk/communities, staff, other
associates and the organisation as a whole are kept safe from harm, either direct or indirect,
intentional or as a result of unintended consequences. The principle of ‘best interests’ will guide
our actions in response to concerns and breaches of this policy.
Safeguarding refers to the responsibility of Youth Alive Uganda to make sure our staff,
operations and programmes do no harm to children and vulnerable/at risk adults, or expose
them to abuse or exploitation, and includes protecting our staff from inappropriate behaviour
such as bullying and all forms of harassment.