Youth Alive Uganda is the leader in innovative children, adolescents and youth integrated development programming since 1993. Youth Alive Uganda is a registered youth led and children/youth focused NGO that implements children and youth integrated development programs across the country in four thematic areas; Health, Livelihood, Education, Human rights and skills Development and Mentorship.

Vision: Youth Living life to the full.

Mission: Working with and through children, adolescents and young adults (9- 30 years) so as to lead a healthy and proactive lifestyle.

Youth Alive Uganda is an Implementing Partner on the five-year, USAID-funded Integrated Child and Youth Development (ICYD) Activity in partnership with World Education Bantwana Initiative and Education Development Centre. The goal of (ICYD) Activity is for Ugandan children and youth, especially the most vulnerable, to receive the support and services necessary to lead resilient, healthy, and productive lives. The USAID ICYD activity aims to improve learning outcomes, advance HIV epidemic control in Uganda and ensure that children and youth have the opportunity to lead resilient, healthy and productive lives. The USAID ICYD Activity will deliver critical HIV/GBV/violence prevention and response services to children and youth and their families in communities, clinics, and schools.

Youth Alive Uganda is inviting applications from interested candidates with the necessary qualifications and experience to fill the following position under ICYD activity.

      1.Job Title: Project Director/OVC Specialist

      Reports to:Director Programs & Business Development

      Number of positions:01

      Duty Station: Kampala/Lira

      Job Summary:

      The Project director/OVC Specialist will offer technical leadership for the ICYD Activity supporting project structure to integrated OVC programming including case management, community systems strengthening, advancing HIV epidemic control, economic strengthenin, as well as delivering critical HIV/GBV/violence prevention and response services to children and youth and their families in communities, clinics, and schools.

      Key Duties and Responsibilities: :

      • Offer conceptual and technical guidance for the development and refinement of standard operating procedures (SOPS) for key program interventions, ensuring that they are evidence-based and in line with PEPFAR priorities.

      • Keenly monitor program quality and impact through the use of PEPFAR’s Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS).

      • Manage the project’s learning and adaptation agenda by supporting evidence gathering, documentation, and dissemination.

      • Synthesize best practices and develop guidelines and training to support technical leads and local CSOs.

      • Stay abreast of new thinking and developments in quality and innovations related to OVC programming and share relevant information as appropriate.

      • Support documentation of project results including but not limited to drafting project briefs, project reports, developing conference and/or webinar presentations.

      • Ensure ICYD approaches and interventions are aligned with Youth Alive strategy, program guidelines and policies.

      • Maintain oversight of relationships and compliance with donor regulations and grant requirements.

      • Build and maintain productive relationships with ICYD Activity support systems and programs at national and community level so as to leverage OVC support.

      • Actively communicate and publicize the project’s core interventions among relevant stakeholders.

      • Serve as the primary Representative in technical meetings, coordination bodies and working groups.

      • Supervise and build capacity of project specialists to deliver intergaretd OVC interventions.

      • Ensure effective use of the Project Implementation Tracking Table (PITT) to monitor project progress in reaching its targets.

      • Actively coordinate with the MEL team to ensure timely quality reports.

      • As budget manager, assure proper coordination with the Grants and Compliance Manager for the development and maintenance of the annual budget

      • Provide financial oversight of the project expenses and maintain an updated budget status report.

      • Work closely with program, MEL and finance teams to develop an estimate of cash needs for funds on quarterly basis to be approved by supervisor.

      Qualifications, Skills and Experience: :

      • The ideal candidate should hold a Master’s degree or its equivalent in humanitires or a closely related field.

      • At least five to six years’ professional field experience in integrated OVC programming

      • Broad knowledge and understanding of OVC case management, economic strengthening, sexual and gender based violence and community strengthening.

      • Broad knowledge and understanding of Positive Youth Development approach and youth-led programming.

      • Previous experience working in consortiums with both international and local NGO partners.

      • Shoild have knowledge and un derstanding of USAID reporting guideliens

      • Ability to apply program quality standards to project design and organizational learning

      • Ability to set clear goals and manage subordinates to achieve them.

      • Ability to collaborate effectively with staff and stakeholders.

      • Ability to manage financial resources with integrity.

      • Excellent written and oral communications skills in English

      • Excellent interpersonal, cross -cultural and training/mentoring skills

      2.Job Title:Case Management Specialist

      Reports to:Project Director/OVC Specialist

      Number of positions:01

      Duty Station:Lira/Gulu

      Job Summary:The primary role of the Case Management Specialist is to provide guidance and coordination in delivery of community-based clinical and socio- economic services for efficiency and effective service delivery along the continuum of care. Case Management specialist will oversee all phases of referrals, linkages and case management services delivery.

      Key Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Provide technical oversight and guidance in identification, assessment, enrollment and case intervention planning for beneficiary household

      • Support appropriate technical case intervention planning and effective referrals for beneficiary households based on identified needs

      • Guide and oversee development and execution of project wok plans to ensure realization of project goals and objectives.

      • Take lead in the development of budgets in his/her result area and maintaining high standards of stewardship and accountability for all activity resources

      • Provide mentorship, support supervision and coaching of Case Management Coordinators and Project officers to enable them spearhead delivery of comprehensive services and improved referral outcomes

      • Liaise with district community-based services department technical staff to ensure harmonized planning, coordination and delivery of community based clinical and social economic services.

      • Support and work with technical leads from consortium partners to ensure harmonized planning and implementation of activities in respective thematic areas to achieve project goals.

      • Support identification of partnerships and training needs of partner organizations in referrals and case management.

      • Take lead in identifying training needs for Case Management Coordinators and Project Officers to enhance their performance.

      • Oversee planning and execution of community dialogue meetings and child protection outreach clinics at community level based on identified child protection needs.

      • Provide technical oversight to trainings with Consortium partners in various result areas for beneficiary households.

      • Represent the project in DOVCC meeting and share updates in case management intervention.

      • Oversee case management activities implementation between implementing partners and district based CSOs

      • Strengthen collaboration within various child protection service providers both formal and non-formal to ensure comprehensive service delivery to beneficiary vulnerable households.

      • Steering the process of partnership development and liaising with other OVC service points (health centers, schools, police, local councils etc) to ensure effective cross referrals and linkages.

      • Represent and promote program interventions in district, national and multi-agency meetings.

      Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

      • At least a masters degree or its equivalent in social sciences, development studies, social work and social administration, community psychology or any humanity; a post graduate in project planning and management or Child protection training will be an added advantage.

      • At least five years’ experience working on large project and experience with USAID funded programs/projects necessary.

      • Demonstrated ability in designing, coordinating and implementing OVC/Youth HIV programs and PEPFAR supported activities.

      • Experience in working with children institutions, probation office, Youth groups and child protection agencies.

      • Experience with implementing OVC interventions and programing, case management direct service to OVC households and knowledge of HIV/AIDS service delivery among positive caregivers and children

      • Ability to work autonomously with demonstrated creativity, initiative and commitment.

      • Ability to work with multi-sectoral external agencies, such as community social services, schools, health facilities, and OVC service providers.

      • Possess a high standard of personal and professional integrity

      • Willingness to work as a team member, taking on additional tasks as needed to ensure the overall success of the project

      • High level of attention to detail, ability to multi-task and work well under pressure in a culturally sensitive environment.

      • Strong analytical and inter-personal skills

      3.Job Title:SRGBV Community Engagement Specialist

      Reports to:Project Director/OVC Specialist

      Number of Positions:01

      Duty Station:Lira/Gulu

      Job Summary:The Sexual and Gender Based Violence (GBV) Specialist will provide high quality technical inputs and be responsible for program development, implementation, results monitoring, knowledge management, and policy advocacy in the area of SRGBV to ensure GBV/violence prevention and response services to children and youth and their families in communities, clinics, and schools.

      Key Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Strengthen integration of GBV prevention and response, rights-based approach, gender and SRHR/HIV issues for women and young people.

      • Work closely with district project officers to manage, monitor and evaluate ongoing program implementation in the area of GBV for women and young people, providing technical support to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and coherence of program implementation.

      • Support project teams and partners to develop GBV advocacy and policy documents.

      • Build the capacity of ICYD staff, government and implementing partners to effectively diagnose gaps in GBV prevention and response, propose effective strategies to address existing bottlenecks, and support coordination of the multi-sectoral GBV prevention and response.

      • Ensure robust tracking of GBV program implementation and financial expenditure, and support ICYD implementing partners to submit quality technical reports in conformity with signed agreements.

      • Actively participate in the evaluation and documentation of GBV program results, best practices and lessons learned and effectively share these with relevant partners to inform programming, policy and advocacy.

      • Prepare analytical and project reports on GBV to be shared with the National and Local Government, ICYD partners.

      • Support ICYD staff and partners to generate quality GBV data, analysis and utilization for evidence-based decision making, policy and program formulation, monitoring and evaluation.

      • Facilitate the identification of resource gaps in the ICYD districts and provide technical input to the development of resource mobilization documents.

      Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

      • The ideal candidate should hold a masters in humanities or its equivalent in related field

      • Training in SRHR and GBV issues and their application in OVC/youth and development settings will be an advantage.

      • At least five years of professional experience in SGBV program management in technical, advisory or support role with a national or international organisation

      • Progressive work experience in the field of Gender-Based Violence, Gender and/or Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights will be an added advantage.

      • Proven skills in critical thinking, assessment and analysis; strong-competency in conceptualizing and designing strategic frameworks;

      • Excellent communication, team building and training skills with the ability to establish and maintain effective working relations in and outside the organization;

      • Proven ability in report writing and presentation to ICYD IPs, technical leads and senior management.

      • Attention to detail, ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines and work independently and cooperatively with team members.

      • Demonstrated personal accountability; respect for others, and a drive to serve.

      • Strong English language oral and written communication skills required, along with strong

      • Desire to work effectively in a team oriented environment.

      • Ability to travel within rural Uganda.

      4.Job Title:Economic Strengthening Specialist

      Reports to:Project Director/OVC Specialist

      Number of Positions:01

      Duty Station:Lira/Gulu

      Job Summary:

      The Economic Strengthening Specialist will provide oversight technical support in rolling out livelihood support to OVC and their households. He/she will be responsible for ensuring qualifying households receive temporary consumption support, supporting OVC income generating activities amd creating linkages to other livelihood opportunbties for OVC.

      Key Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Providing leadership in developing innovative livelihood strengthening programs and interventions that are consistent with OVC programming and PEPFAR priorities.

      • Leading the livelihoods needs assessments within ICYD target groups and areas of operation.

      • Managing and ensuring the effective implementation of livelihood interventions across ICYD through proper targeting and result oriented approaches.

      • Building the capacity of district project officers in managing and supporting livelihood interventions.

      • In charge of developing, disseminating and orienting staff on livelihood program management and monitoring tools.

      • Coordinate with project team to provide technical support in OVC household economic strengthening programing.

      • Actively promote best practices and a shared, vision of quality assurance of monitoring and evaluation through an improved standard of OVC Household Economic Strengthening programming.

      • Ensure the application of “Do no Harm Principles” in OVC Household Economic Strengthening programming while strengthening community mobilization strategies to reduce stigmatization.

      • Maintain and avail appropriate technical resources.

      • Create linkages with both the private sector and public sector for other livelihood opportunities for OVC

      • Responsible for promoting and ensuring that the program makes optimal use of economic development models and frameworks to support vulnerable communities to improve their household incomes, and contribute to the wellbeing of children and, transformation of families and communities.

      Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

      • The applicant for Economic Strengthening Specialist should preferably hold a masters Degree or its equivalent in economics, international development, community development, or related field.

      • Additional training in income generation/entrepreneurship, gender mainstreaming, or micro-finance is an added advantage.

      • At least five years’ consistent experience in OVC -household economic strengthening technical, advisory or support role with a national or international NGO

      • Past experience in leveraging private public partnerships is preferred.

      • Past experience in building and maintaining productive relations, institutional linkages required.

      • Proven skills in critical thinking, assessment and analysis; strong-competency in conceptualizing and designing strategic frameworks;

      • Excellent communication, team building and training skills with the ability to establish and maintain effective working relations in and outside the organization;

      • Proven ability in report writing and presentation to ICYD IPs, technical leads and senior management.

      • Attention to detail, ability to follow procedures, meet deadlines and work independently and cooperatively with team members.

      • Demonstrated personal accountability; respect for others, and a drive to serve.

      • Strong English language oral and written communication skills required, along with strong

      • Desire to work effectively in a team oriented environment.

      • Ability to travel within rural Uganda.

      5.Job Title:District Project Officers

      Reports to:>Project Director/OVC Specialist

      Number of positions:10

      Duty Station:Various Districts in Northern Uganda (Agago, Apac, Dokolo, Gulu, Omoro, Kitgum, Kole, Nwoya, Oyam, and Lira.

      Job Summary:

      The District Project Officer will provide technical oversight, operational coordination and management including; planning, implementation, capacity enhancement, monitoring/evaluation and reporting and work with district and subcounty OVC structures to coordinate OVC services.

      Key Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Participate in the Development and implementation district activity schedules or work plans in coordination with the program technical leads and implementing partners,

      • Provide technical support to para-social workers, peer educators and other community facilitators to dekiver coordinated and integrated OVC services.

      • In collaboration with the different sector leads, the Technical Field officer is expected to assist in the development of capacity building materials, tailoring curriculum development for the beneficiary adolescents and families as well as participating in capacity building sessions.

      • Oversee the implementation of social protections, HIV Case Management implementation, economic strengthening, school retention and learning development activities of the adolescent girls and young women, OVC and children and adolescents living with HIV (C/ALHIV) in the district of operation.

      • Providing technical assistance, supervision and capacity building to para social workers and District Based Trainers to ensure that all associated project activities are implemented and results achieved to the highest standards as planned.

      • Develop, produce and submit quality in-depth monthly progress reports with the various supporting documents on project activities planned and implemented.

      • Create linkages and referrals for the various adolescent girls and young women, OVC and children and adolescents living with HIV (C/ALHIV) and other key populations to other community services

      • Create and maintain good coordination and working relationships with the district leadership, sub-county, local government departments and institution (police probational office) and importantly soliciting their support in participation in the project activities.

      • Representing the organization at the district level including general meetings with implementing partners, donors, key development actors and local authorities

      • With support of the Finance Officer, oversee the management of finances and administrations at the district level including planning, authorization of expenses and reporting according to the organization policy.

      • In collaboration with the MEAL team, support in the capture of required data, tracking and reporting of related program deliverable in an accurate and timely way.

      • Compile and submit quality timely monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports as per implementation schedules.

      • Conduct any other duties assigned.

      Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

      • The ideal candidate should preferably hold a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Social Administration, Social Sciences or any other related field.

      • A postgraduate training in project planning and management will be an added advantage.

      • At least four years of recent experience in designing, implementing and managing OVC programs in HIV setting in a fast paced project.

      • Experience in implementing donor-funded projects

      • Familiar with OVC programming in Uganda

      • Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office Programs)

      6.Job Title:Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Manager

      Reports to:Project Director/OVC Specialist and Director Strategic information

      Number of positions:01

      Duty Station:Lira/Gulu

      Job Summary:

      The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Manager, will provide leadership and technical guidance to the project team on all MEL related issues.The MEL Manger has the primary responsibility for establishing and managing a data processing system including tracking project performance and proving recommendations for improvement in implementation.

      Key Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Coordinate the development of a monitoring, evaluation, and learning framework for the program ensuring data systems established can measure progress against impact.

      • Coordinate the implementation of all MEL processes, systems, and guidance including leading the design and rolling out of reporting initiatives of the program.

      • Update and review the M&E plan annually to ensure all M&E needs and requirements are documented and adhered to.

      • Provide oversight to M&E Officers to ensure quality assurance in data and reporting processes

      • Conduct training for partners and staff in the use of the MEL systems and tools for record-keeping and collecting monitoring data.

      • Consolidate monitoring data for reporting against the performance indicators for donor reporting and internal program review.

      • Review and analyze project monitoring data and generate user–friendly analyses thereof, including the use of graphics.

      • Conduct support supervision visits to implementing partners to observe, monitor, and provide guidance and quality feedback on the use of data collection tools.

      • Work closely with the M&E Officers and other technical staff to develop data collection plans and methodologies.

      • Provide MEL support to the senior management team for the compilation and completion of donor reports.

      • Share performance reports with staff and management on a monthly basis to support management decision making and take lead in reflections about performance with the project team.

      • Carry out data quality assessments, vulnerability assessments, beneficiary verifications and any assessment and audits that improve program quality.


      • Masters degree or its equivalent in statistics, demographics, public policy, international development, Social Sciences, economics. Advanced training in M&E, statistics will be added advantage.

      • Minimum of 3 years’ professional experience in an M&E position responsible for implementing M&E activities of international development projects.

      • Proven success in designing, implementing, and operating project M&E systems from project initiation to closeout stages, experience with USAID/PEPFAR preferred.

      • Experience designing and managing beneficiary monitoring and database systems.

      • Experience in preparing high quality success stories, case studies and operational research reports.

      • Experience in capacity building for monitoring and evaluation

      • Good working knowledge of major databases and at least 2 analytical programs including Excel, ODK, DHIS2, OVC MIS, Epi-Info.

      • Strong organizational, interpersonal, and presentation skills.

      • Ability to work in a challenging environment, under high pressure and tight deadlines

      7.Job Title:Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officers

      Reports to:Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Manager

      Number of positions:10

      Station:Various Districts in Northern Uganda (Agago, Apac, Dokolo, Gulu, Omoro, Kitgum, Kole, Nwoya, Oyam, and Lira

      Job Summary:

      Under the overall guidance of the MEL Manager, the M&E Officer will be responsible for the monitoring and ensuring high quality and timely data inputs, and for ensuring that the project activities result in the achievement of its intended outputs in a timely manner. The M&E officer will be responsible for implementing the M&E activities of the Project at the district level. He/She will work in close collaboration with the data clerk and project team, other Youth Alive staff and different stake holders.

      Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Work with MEL Manager to develop the project Performance Monitoring Plan and data collection tools

      • Support routine M&E of project activities & keep track of all the monitoring and evaluation schedules and work with the project’s technical staff, district personnel and other stake holders to design and implement M&E procedures

      • Establish processes and protocols for overseeing data collection, verification, and quality assurance at community and district levels.

      • Participate in developing weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual work plans and maintaining high standards of stewardship and accountability for all activity resources

      • Provide supervision to staff and partners to ensure proper implementation of planned activities following the set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

      • Mentor and support staff, partners and community resource persons on effective documentation of project activities and report writing.

      • Maintaining an up-to-date data base for all beneficiaries, households and ensure all relevant data collection documents are administered appropriately.

      • Analyze data, review monthly and quarterly reports for onward submission to the MEL Manager and MEL Director.

      • Provide updates from monitoring and data analysis to the program staff and management as required.

      • Participate in any M&E trainings

      • Coordinate internal Routine Data Quality Assurance (RDQA) sessions at all levels and ensure that findings are shared with Program Team

      • Ensure that indicator data evidence is submitted by technical teams in a timely fashion, is reviewed for completion, and is filed as per standard operating procedures

      • Perform regular data backups

      • Maintain records of project data, lessons learned, success stories and best practices and share with all concerned

      • Ensure implementation and maintenance of project databases and maintain a functional physical document management system at the district level

      • Conduct support supervision visits to implementing partners to observe, monitor, and provide guidance and quality feedback on the use of data collection tools.

      Qualification and Experience:

      • Bachelor’s degree, Social Sciences, Development studies, Health Informatics, or related fields.

      • A post graduate qualification in Monitoring and Evaluation is an added advantage.

      • 2-3 years of experience in Monitoring and Evaluation. Experience with USAID OVC projects is an added advantage

      • Advanced skills in Microsoft (Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint)

      • Experience in working on databases (online beneficial) and Ministry databases (OVC MIS, HMIS)

      • Experience cleaning, entering, aggregating and generating reports from data using database platforms

      • Ability to do data visualization into infographics and design clear and attractive presentations and other communication documents to communicate results are an added advantage

      • Knowledge of online, open-source data collection tools

      • Excellent interpersonal skills

      • High level of accuracy, attention to detail and thoroughness

      • Ability to work under minimal supervision, be proactive, initiative and with sound judgment

      • High level of integrity and accountability, flexible approaches to work coupled with enthusiasm, commitment and energetic

      8.Job Title:Finance and Compliance Manager

      Reports:Executive Director


      Duty Station:Kampala

      Job Purpose:

      Under the supervision of the Executive Director, the Finance and Compliance Manager helps ensure compliance with donor requirements at all stages of the project lifecycle and facilitates effective management of the ICYD Activity in coordination with other departments (e.g. Programs, Technical Units, Finance, Operations). This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring timely and quality reporting to donors, budgeting , facilitating grant opening and closeout processes, advising on donor rules and regulations, ensuring compliance with government laws, internal control reviews and audits, investigations, and capacity building of staff and implementing partners.

      Key Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Supports the Finance and Operations Head in all financial and compliance matters related to the ICYD Activity operations.

      • Responsible for overall coordination of operational tasks of the project with day-to-day management/administration of project field staff in accordance with the objectives of the ICYD strategy and donor requirements.

      • Work closely with the Project staff to manage the project’s financial, operational, and contract systems and processes.

      • Oversee project contract terms, pricing, performance, and schedule in coordination with the ED and Finance team by providing timely and high-quality process and donor reports.

      • Ensure compliance among USAID requirements (i.e., FAR, ADS, FAM), Youth Alive organizational policies, and Ugandan labor laws, while enabling transparency, accountability, and accuracy.

      • Analyze and present financial reports in an accurate and timely manner, clearly communicate monthly and annual financial statements, and oversee all financial and project/program accounting.

      • Enhance and/or develop, implement, and enforce policies and procedures of Youth Alive by employing systems that will improve operation and effectiveness of the project.

      • Design and implement field office policies by establishing standards and procedures, measuring results against standards, and making necessary adjustments.

      • Develop and maintain all administrative systems and procedures necessary for the implementation of the project and support of the project’s staff located in the Youth Alive field offices.

      • Assist with recruitment needs, such as preparing position descriptions, coordinating interviews, conducting reference checks, and reviewing resumes.

      • Ensure effective interfacing with Youth Alive management systems (HR, Supply Chain, Finance, etc.), and with other finance staff on the ICYD Activity

      • Cash/Bank management, (payments, advances, reconciliations, etc.), according to Youth Alive petty cash regulations and authorization expense procedures; ensures compliance with USAID regulations in all bank Accounts on the project.

      • Identify and assess areas of significant business risk.

      • Ensure compliance with Youth Alive, applicable local laws, USAID regulations and provides support and training to the project/office teams accordingly.

      • Budget management/monitoring monitors the project budgets, ensuring compliance with Youth Alive and USAID regulations. Supports Youth Alive Finance Head and project Accountant in budget forecasting/planning/revisions.

      • Travels to field locations as required, to carry out internal project/office audits, training, and monitoring missions.

      • Analyses, budget forecasts, regulatory filings, and compiles moderately complex data.

      • Interprets, analyses and/or evaluates data, ensures compliance with applicable state and federal statutes, and uses Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures (GAAP).

      • Interpretes and provides explanation for discrepancies and variations in financial data.

      • Applies updated information technology to facilitate program goals and program procedures.

      • Uses financial systems to produce reports, financial models and databases.

      • Analyses complex business and/or financial issues and consults with management or business entities as needed; works independently; active participant in meeting organizational goals.

      • Carries out other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

      Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

      • The applicant should preferably hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Accounting, Management, or any other relevant field.

      • ACCA or CPA qualification.

      • At least five to seven years’ experience in Finance, audit and compliance.

      • Previous experience with computerized financial management systems (QuickBooks required) and online banking platforms especially BEYONIC is an added advantage.

      • Experience working with USAID-funded projects especially in managing Cooperative agreements and contracts is mandatory.

      • Ability to work use various Microsoft office applications.

      • High level of integrity

      • Excellent writing, management and organizational skills.

      • Ability to independently plan and execute complex tasks while addressing daily management details and remaining organized and focused on long-term deadlines and strategy.

      • Proven ability to set priorities, multi-task and work collaboratively as well as independently

      • Excellent interpersonal skills

      9.Job Title:Project Accountant

      Reports:Finance and Compliance Manager


      Duty Station:Kampala, Uganda with frequent travel to the field.

      Job Summary:

      The Project Accountant will provide proactive, efficient and effective management support for the ICYD Activity. The Accountant will ensure financial integrity of the project, assist the project manager and the entire project team in Finance related tasks and ensure accountability, and compliance with donor and YAU rules and regulations. S/he will play a pivotal role in ensuring adherence to financial policies, activity policies and procedures, regulations, controls, and reporting systems. The Project Accountant will provide accounting and financial analysis support to the project and will ensure submission of financial reports based on internal deadlines. S/he will work with guidance from the Finance and Compliance Manager to ensure compliance of all contractual, accounting and financial reporting functions. Responsible for recording costs and day to day general accounting, accounts receivable/payable, payroll, ensuring proper documentation, and troubleshooting accounting issues.

      Key Duties and responsibilities:

      • Financial Management of the project and providing follow – up at a regional level.

      • Ensure consolidation, control, reporting and analysis of financial and accounting data for the project.

      • Work closely with procurement management team for all approvals and purchasing of equipment and supplies

      • Prepare monthly bank and mobile money account reconciliation statements for review by the Finance and Compliance Manager

      • Manage mobile money and Bank transactions and cash flows.

      • Review monthly fuel consumption reports, vehicle repairs and maintenance and asset registers

      • Prepare staff payroll and remitting statutory deductions on a timely basis

      • Prepare project documents/ Cash forecasts to disburse funds and prepare reports.

      • Support project manager and officers with project narratives in relation to expenditure and financial risks.

      • Conduct budget monitoring and provide monthly and quarterly updates on budget utilization and performance.

      • Develop financial performance measures in liaison with Finance and Compliance Manager

      • Ensure that project cash flows are managed in a timely and accurate manner.

      • Manage the day to day finances, including processing invoices and following up on recharges and payments in collaboration with Finance and Compliance Manager

      • Risk analysis and recommendations of risk management strategies.

      • Manage the external audit and ensure audit requirements are monitored throughout the project.

      • Work with the Project team to ensure that audit recommendations are fulfilled

      • Ensure that all financial documents are properly stored and archived for referencing and verification during internal and external audits

      • Prepare timely and accurate financial reports as required by the Project management team

      • Submit reports to the Project Manager team responsible for oversight to ensure adherence to international finance and donor requirements.

      • Be responsible for monitoring the budget utilization and communicate any issues to the project management team.

      • Guide the Project Manager on financial monitoring issues, expenditure and alignment with targets and overall implementation plan.

      • Any other duties that may be deemed appropriate to this role Required

      Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

      • The applicant for the Youth Alive Project Accountant – USAID ICYD job opportunity must hold a degree in Finance and Accounting, Commerce, Business Administration, Accounting and other related discipline with at least Level three professional Accounting qualification (ACCA, CPA, CFA, CIA, CIMA).

      • Minimum of three (3) years of experience in finance and accounting in an NGO setting preferably working on USAID-funded activities preferred.

      • Excellent Accounting skills

      • Good level of competence in Excel, Word and Outlook and computerized accounting software

      • Experience in using Quick Books Accounting package.

      • Good communication and listening skills

      • Excellent knowledge in financial Reporting,

      • Pays Attention to Detail and Deadline-Oriented.

      • Training and capacity building skills

      • Ability to work under pressure and meet targets and deadlines Able to work in a busy office environment that often demands high levels of concentration

      • Able to manage high volume workload

      • In-depth knowledge of USAID contracts management and financial management rules and regulations.

      • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively as part of a team

      10.Job Title:Finance and Administration Assistant

      Reports:Project Accountant


      Duty Station:Various Districts in Northern Uganda (Agago, Apac, Dokolo, Gulu, Omoro, Kitgum, Kole, Nwoya, Oyam, and Lira

      Job Summary:

      The Finance and Admin Assistant will support day to day financial operations ensuring financial accountability, reporting, budgeting monitoring and Analysis, and financial documentation while following Youth Alive financial policies and procedures. This position will be based at the Youth Alive ICYD field offices.

      Key Duties and Responsibilities:

      • Receive invoices from vendors and subcontractors for review and ensure timely payment by the project.

      • Prepare documentation for payment transactions including but not limited to vouchers, staff expense reports and ensured that appropriate documentation and approvals are obtained.

      • Maintain the Activity accounting files system (both hard and soft copy), ensuring all vouchers are in order, with required back-up documentation.

      • Review completed payments, follow up with respective vendors, subcontractors with proof of payment and request for receipts after verifying funds transfer.

      • Support field staff in the preparation of project budgets.

      • Assist with the collection, review and verification of staff timesheets and ensure that they are submitted on a timely basis.

      • Assist with monthly bank /mobile money reconciliations to verify the accuracy of transactions posted in the accounting software.

      • Support with petty cash account management and monthly petty cash transaction reconciliation for the regional offices and ensure that all original documents are properly archived.

      • Assist the Activity team to maintain daily office functions.

      • Coordinate logistical support.

      • Monitor office equipment and supplies.

      • Responsible for routine administrative tasks, including but not limited to distribution of invitations, letters, books, meeting minutes, and other printed materials as needed.

      • Support office with printing, copying and binding materials.

      • Ensure Activity staff administrative needs are met.

      • Assist with Activity travel, such as coordinating hotel bookings, ticket reservations, and car arrangement.

      • Carry out other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Project Accountant.

      • Reviewing Travel advances and expense reports.

      • Explain generally accepted accounting principles, USAID and Youth Alive regulations to staffs and consultants as necessary

      Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

      • Bachelor’s Degree in related field

      • Professional accounting qualification is an added advantage (CPA, ACCA)

      • 1+ years of progressive experience in finance and administration

      • Experience with USAID finance, human resources, procurement policy, or logistics preferred.

      • Ability to apply laws, regulations and instructions and interpret Youth Alive and USAID policy.

      • An extremely well organized individual with sound technical skills, analytical ability, good judgement, and strong operational focus.

      • Previous experience with financial duties, including handling of petty cash.

      • Fluent English require

      11.Job Title:Procurement Officer

      Reports to:Finance and Compliance Manager


      Duty Station:Kampala, Uganda with frequent travel to the field.

      Job Summary:

      The Procurement Officer will manage project procurement and ensure compliance with USAID regulations and Youth Alive policy and procedures in support of project activities at the ICYD project offices. Duties will include the supervision of the day-to-day procurement functions.S/he will maintain a procurement process that is transparent, responsive and efficient in delivering goods and services on-time and within budget. The Senior Procurement Manager will supervise a procurement assistant and report to the Operations Director. This is a full-time position based in Kampala, Uganda

      Key Duties and Responsibilities:

      • In coordination with the Finance and Compliance Manager, ensure that procurement practices are in compliance with the project’s Policy and Procedures Manual and USAID rules and regulations;

      • Manage the overall day-to-day procurement process.

      • Prepare requests for quotations and proposals, conduct bid evaluation, prepare price analysis, and conduct due diligence (reference checks and site visits) and draft purchase orders in support of the procurement of goods and services for the project;

      • Assist in preparing the annual procurement plan with support from the project teamf

      • Work closely with the project technical teams and provide procurement guidance and assistance to trainings, events and activities that will require the rental of venues or hotels, catering services, transportation services and procurement of stationery and supplies;

      • Manage a procurement filing system and ensure that the minimum documentation referenced in the procurement threshold table is in each procurement file;

      • Ensure that all vendors meet the terms and conditions of the purchase order/contract through active contract management. This includes written communication with the vendor to ensure on-time delivery, and that goods and services meet the specifications and are of the quality and quantity requested;

      • Review invoice payments from vendors and compare to the terms of the purchase order or contract to ensure vendor invoices are accurate before submitting for payment;

      • Coordinate market research in Uganda to verify availability and pricing for goods and services required by the project;

      • Support project budget revisions by providing estimated pricing for goods and services; and

      Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

      • The applicant for the Youth Alive Procurement Officer must hold a Bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to procurement, Business Administration, Accounting, or another related field. A professional qualification in procurement management is an added advantage

      • A minimum of three years of procurement experience in Uganda including with USAID funded programs;

      • Experience in competitive procurement of goods and services required (experience in the administration of subcontracts and purchase orders strongly preferred);

      • Knowledge or drafting and tracking an annual procurement plan;

      • Proven experience in maintaining a file system for procurements and ensure that the minimum documentation referenced in the procurement threshold is in each procurement file and fully compliant to USAID regulations;

      • Detail-oriented and organized;

      • Experience using computers and software at work and proficiency with MS Word and MS Excel is desired;

      • Ability to work hands-on, independently, and within team in difficult work environment;

      • Willingness to travel frequently to provinces and districts covered by the project.

      How to Apply:

      All interested candidates should send their application letters and resumes (no academic documents) in a SINGLE PDF DOCUMENT to Subject of the email should contain job title and name of the candidate.

      Note: Hand-delivered applications will not be considered.

      Deadline for Application is 29th October 2020 at 05:00pm Ugandan time.: