Dignified and Gainful Employment Opportunities for out of School Youth 15-30 years.

motorcycle repair

Youth going through practice in preparation for DIT Certification after completing 3 months skilling in Motorcycle repairs at Ivempi

Refugee Camp at Yikoru Secondary school

hair dressing

Young Women Having hands on Hair dressing

Youth Alive Uganda in partnership with her development partners aims at Increasing dignified and gainful employment opportunities for the out of school youth 18 to 24 years in both formal/informal employment, we build capacity of youth in, vocational skills, work readiness, employability skills and further facilitate Linkages to profitable markets, market infrastructure, youth friendly/affordable financial services, job/employment and enterprise development support. These trainings are enhanced with the Youth Alive Uganda Education for Life (EFL) and foundational skills sessions that are critical in preparing the young people in making informed life choices.