Youth Alive aims to improve promotion and protection of human rights for and by the young people especially the poor and marginalized. Our approach is to work with all the stake holders to create rights awareness among children and their caregivers in addition to providing a favorable environment that minimize risk of child abuse. Through human rights education, we improve civic consciousness, competence of the children and youth so that they can claim their rights. Also through advocacy & strengthening local institutions, we engage duty bearers to fulfill the rights of children & youth. Gender equality is another key component of rights for children & youth. We contribute to the change of values, attitudes and beliefs of young people towards gender equality and women’s rights. In the same way we aim to increase male involvement in promoting gender equality and prevention of Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV).

Youth Alive aimed to improve promotion & protection of human rights for and by the young people: This was done through training 131 school patrons, matrons and senior school administration in Child Protection/ Rights and Responsibilities and Community Based Options to address youth challenges. We also integrated screening and management of SGBV cases in the Family Support Groups and other key entry service points.

Youth Alive ensured that project interventions at all levels were gender and youth sensitive by considering gender norms, roles & inequalities. During the reporting period, 90 religious leaders were oriented on youth programming; and 33 health workers trained in SGBV with the aim of improving gender and youth inclusion in planning. As a result, the percentage of beneficiaries who received post GBV care has steadily increased from 20.7% in March to 24.5% in December with an annual average of 24.7% out of the 35.5% people who reported to have experienced GBV in the eastern supported districts.