With health, we have hope. And with hope, anything is possible, which is why at Youth Alive Uganda, the health programs are an integral part of bettering our Uganda more specifically, the prevention of malaria and HIV/AIDS with the help of various partner organizations, good health is within reach. And hope is right behind it.

Sexual and reproductive health:
We implement sex education programs, pre and post marital counseling, family planning, STI/STD management including HIV/AIDS and active linkages.

Primary health care:
This involves health education, Maternal and child health care, promotion of proper nutrition, distribution of mosquito nets and promotion of proper sanitation and hygiene.


Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy employing about 80% of the population. Youth Alive involvement in agriculture is to enable young people build sustainable ago-enterprises to reduce youth unemployment and promote economic development. We engage young people in all agriculture value chain – production, marketing and processing.
Young farmer training’s:
We train young farmers in the fields of sustainable farming practices (conservation farming), financial management and group dynamics. We also train them in managing businesses within the value chain of agriculture also known as Community Based Solution Providers (CBSP) and they engage in businesses like supplying farm inputs, spraying, provision of market information and tillers services among others.
Linkage activities:
We connect young farmers to genuine producers/suppliers of farmer inputs like seeds and pesticides, financial institutions for capital, government agriculture extension workers and other NGOs and development partners that provide further technical training’s storage materials for post-harvest handling.


We promote and protect the basic human rights of young people especially the poor and marginalized. We empower young people to promote and advocate for the protection of their rights and responsibilities. Strategies to achieve this include: Improving civic consciousness and competence of the young people to influence positive change; Strengthening local institutions to promote the enjoyment and protection of human rights; Increasing access to justice by the poor and marginalized young people; Increasing male involvement in promoting gender equality and nonviolence; Increasing access to and uptake of psycho-social support services by victims of SGBV; Contributing to the change of values, attitudes and beliefs of young people towards gender equality and women’s rights; Increasing awareness on environmental conservation and revival; Increasing conservation of the environment and the Ecosystem and enhancing the promotion and protection of children’s rights and freedoms.


Youth Alive in a bid to holistically address the needs of Orphaned and other Vulnerable children (OVCs) focuses on six Core Program Areas (CPAs) including; Economic strengthening, Health, Food and Nutrition security, Education, Psycho social support, and Child protection and legal support. By doing so, we believe we will strongly contribute to the improved well being of children and youth orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV and other adversities in Uganda.

Youth Alive also contributes to the realization of a society where all orphans and other vulnerable children live to their full potential and their rights and aspirations are fulfilled as envisioned in the National Strategic Program Plan of Action of Intervention for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children 2011/12-2015/16.

Our strategies include: economically empowering Orphaned and vulnerable Children (OVCs) and their caregivers; improving their nutrition and food security; increasing their enrollment and retention in school; improving their access to psycho-social support; and providing a supportive mechanism for the protection of (OVCs).